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What is a Thrift Boutique Exactly?

K . Fields on Jan 6th 2020

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Try My Closet has coined the expression "Thrift Boutique" and that is something that may confuse some people. So the question is, Is a thrift boutique the same as a thrift store? The answer is yes and no. Try my closet carries both gently pre-owned inventory as well as new boutique items. Our boutique items come in multiple sizes and colors and can often be restocked, whereas, our thrift side offers one-time items that are one of a kind. Some of the items on our thrift side happen to be brand new, which is a definite deal, but not likely one that can be repeated.

Understanding our process partly explains what a thrift boutique means for us. No matter which way you shop with us, you will always be treated with boutique etiquette. Our thrift apparel is carefully selected, cleaned, restored and steamed before being packaged and shipped to our customers. You will always feel like you are getting something brand new. We take our process very seriously. 

In the last 5 years, consumer's shopping habits have changed tremendously due to online shopping speeding up to an all-time high. Offering our customer's a unique experience is part of our guarantee to make the ever growing market expandable. Finding your favorite "closet" is the new black, however, finding a thrift boutique with integrity and passion is a gem worth digging for!

A thrift boutique is a boutique that offers the best of both worlds! You can be uniquely you by finding pieces that suit your style AND your budget!