The Value of Clothing - Thrifting in 2020

K Fields on Feb 6th 2020

We have all gone through our closets and drawers and chosen what to keep or get rid of based on the love of certain things and the life they have left. No doubt, our clothes do have value and that value can be quantified by many factors. Do you keep clothing based on the way they look or the memories they bring, or maybe even the way they make you feel because of the fabric and fit? Whatever your reason may be for placing value on your wardrobe, the fact remains, there is a definitive value in clothing. 

Some clothing and accessories have artistic value, albeit, accessories may have more artistic expression than a classic v-neck sweater, clothes are artistic expressions of the creator of the design and the seamstress that sewed the garment together. Very little thought goes into the process of how your clothing came to be when you look at them hanging around, and yet, someone has put hard work into making that item. Accessories especially are a clear expression of the creator's vision. 

The idea of thrifting to some is not ideal and that is quite alright. However, to those who love thrifting and have crowned themselves "bargain hunters", thrifting allows them to find the value in clothing. Let's face it, we all want to look and feel great on a budget, even though some budgets are bigger than others, thrifting does not discriminate. Also, there is a stigma of being poor behind thrift shopping that is actually now being wiped out with the many different platforms available to buy used clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and more! The market for resale has increased tremendously, especially online thereby changing the public perception of thrift shopping.

Every seasoned fashionista has seen bell bottoms, peplums, ruffles and more come and go throughout the years. Fashion repeats itself because it is art. Each era of repetition brings a new flare to the classics. Understanding that fashion is in the eyes and hearts of the wearer allows for everyone to place a value on their clothing and accessories accordingly. Shopping for "new" thrifted pieces is a favorite past time for some and finding a favorite thrift store or favorite thrift boutique is always a diamond in the rough. The glory in it all is looking and feeling great when you find something to wear today and it didn't break your pocket!